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Walk Score Case Study

Walk Score Case Study

Walk Score shares business listings on neighborhood maps online, and to a network of over 15,000 real estate sites

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Business Listings paint a picture of livable neighborhoods.
At Walk Score, “It’s about what’s outside the four walls of a home or apartment,” says Josh Herst, CEO. “We’re all about helping people find great places to live.” But it wouldn’t be possible without complete and accurate search listings for neighborhood businesses.

Walk Score measures neighborhood “walkability,” with information on public transit, shorter commutes and proximity to “people and places you love, which are the key to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.” Each neighborhood gets a “walk score.” Based on a proprietary algorithm which factors in shops, services and other amenities, the score hinges on the accuracy of millions of business listings.

Accurate data makes it happen.
Neustar Localeze offers Walk Score 5.5M+ listings. Each includes name, address and phone number for businesses in key categories like shopping (book stores, hardware stores, pharmacies), business services (banks, post offices, shipping providers) and medical services.

Walk Score shares listings on neighborhood maps via WalkScore.com, their iPhone app and their network of over 15,000 real estate sites, like Zillow, using Walk Score’s neighborhood widgets. Every day, Walk Score delivers 6M+ scores for apartment and home addresses. Customers get a snapshot of the businesses that matter.

With Localeze, Walk Score can:

  • Access complete, updated business listings in real time
  • Deliver an accurate score for neighborhood "walkability"
  • Show nearby shops and more
  • Ultimately, help people find the right place to live

Localeze helps us deliver valuable insight to our customers, both online and via mobile - making it easy to find neighborhoods where you can drive less and live more.

Josh Herst, CEO
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